Marissa Fengler

Chief Financial Officer

Marissa Fengler was born, raised, and started her career in Tulsa. Life events (getting married, jobs) moved her away from Tulsa for a decade, where she spent time in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. She has loved everywhere she has been, but Tulsa will always be her home. Marissa and her family decided to move back to Tulsa to be closer to extended family and to raise their children. As she started looking into how the community had changed in the past decade, she was energized by what she saw and heard about the impact GKFF had on the city. She was put in touch with Atento and is excited to be plugged in and making a difference in the community. She is a CPA and started her career in public accounting. She has experience in finance, financial reporting, and business operations for both public and private companies in a variety of industries. She enjoys helping companies move beyond the basic accounting team to establish finance and accounting departments with the processes and procedures needed to scale. She strives to engineer a financial process that sets the foundation from the beginning, alleviating the painful “teenage” stage that many companies face when their growth starts taking off. She is excited to put her skills to work in her hometown with Atento.

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