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We're a Tulsa-based investment firm focused on returns, quality job creation, and being helpful.

Where We Invest Our Time & Capital:


Early Stage
Direct Investment

We look for exceptional entrepreneurs addressing large markets.  We invest early and like to be as helpful as we can both pre- and post- investment. Being based in Tulsa is not a requirement for direct investment consideration, but it is preferred.


Most of our investments will be in early stage venture funds from other parts of the country and world. We look for funds with cumulative advantages in their investment space that can drive outsized returns, but also those who will be willing partners in our effort to build a tech ecosystem in the city of Tulsa.

Featured InvestmentS

Economic Development

Projects & Partnerships with the intention of significant economic impact in Tulsa.

Some opportunities make more sense as a partnership than an investment.  In those situations, we have a broad enough mandate to be creative in how we collaborate to achieve common goals.

Spotlight on Tulsa

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How We Can Help:


We are looking to work with local entrepreneurs to help them go from zero to one. We look to work very closely with founders and see our main role as helping them until the point they can reach institutional funding at the seed stage.  We primarily play in the pre-seed space but will also look at seed and A stage opportunities.

Tulsa Entrepreneur?
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1. Direct Early Stage Investment in Your Company

We are actively in the market to invest locally in companies that meet our investment criteria.  We would love to learn more about what you are working on and see if we could be a fit.

2. Access to Mentor, Investor, and Skilled Worker Network

We don't have all the answers, and we know it.  But we like to think we are generally one person away from someone that does, and we will do our best to put you in touch with the right folks depending on what your need is.  We also know we aren't the right investor for every opportunity.  When that is the case, we will try and put you in front of folks within our network that we think can help.

3. Dedicated Events, Resources, and Office Space

We would love to have you work out of our office, or help you find the space you need to grow your business.


While we do most of our direct investing either in Tulsa or as a co-investment with one of our portfolio venture funds, we will also explore early stage direct investments that have a strong Tulsa jobs component from time to time.

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1. Direct Early Stage Investment in Your Company

Most direct investments will be made in Tulsa-based companies or alongside our fund managers. Other direct investment opportunities that don't meet those criteria will be considered on a case by case basis.

Business Leadership

We want to expand our relationship with non-Tulsa business leaders and demonstrate how Tulsa could make sense in their expansion plans. We feel Tulsa adds value from a cost perspective and with respect to employee happiness. And in many cases, we can add value in the form of revenue generation and lasting partnerships.

Business Leader?
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1. Custom Incentive Packages for Business Expansion in Tulsa

In addition to working closely with the city, state, chamber of commerce, and the various incentives each of those groups bring to the table, we work hand in hand with the George Kaiser Family Foundation in our efforts to recruit mission-aligned companies to Tulsa.  With a very flexible mandate, we are able to put together custom incentives for the right potential partner.

2. Access to Top Local Talent, Business Networks & Support

In addition to the incentives around expanding into Tulsa, we would help you find space, hire a team, and be your local connector/facilitator to help you build out your operation with ease.

3. Access to Dedicated Workforce Training Partnerships

Tulsa has one of the best workforce development and certificate programs in the country.  Depending on your particular workforce needs, if we don't have the talent pool today, we can often create programs with our local partners to make that talent available in the short-medium term.

Philanthropists & Community Builders

We are always interested in partnering with organizations whose goals align with our passion for job creation in Tulsa.

Building Communities?
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1. Dedicated Funding for Expansion Into Tulsa

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and potential collaboration opportunities. For the right partnership, we will find the funding to help a business expand into Tulsa.

2. Collaboration & Experience Sharing on Projects

We are 100% pro-collaboration, with one nuance: We are obsessively focused on Tulsa-based partnerships.  That can mean a national organization expanding into Tulsa, or an organization in another country considering Tulsa as it seeks a US location. We always want to help, but we're specifically looking to make it work with Tulsa.

Fund Managers

We are always in the market to meet with and learn about new fund managers for our portfolio.

Fund Manager?
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1. We Look For Fund Managers with Cumulative Advantages

We partner with both generalist and sector dedicated investors focused on early stage investments. We look for fund managers with deep networks and successful track records that reflect cumulative advantages with respect to  deal flow and execution. Additionally, we look for managers who share our thesis on the proliferation of remote work and are willing to consider leveraging our resources to help their portfolio companies thrive.

2. Access to Up & Coming Tulsa Market

We choose to operate in Tulsa because we are long on the city.  With the coasts seeing sky-high valuations across the board these days, we believe some of the best opportunities, from a return perspective, can be found between the coasts.  Given that fact, we strive to be a source of potential deal flow for our fund partners with the local entrepreneurs we work with day in and day out.

Have a great idea or opportunity? Let’s see how we can help.

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