Jamar Torres

Program Manager, Tulsa

Originally from Boston, Jamar has worked in program management at the United Nations in New York and was also a front-end web developer at a SaaS company, where he created and improved applications. Jamar is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, traveling to various countries including Argentina, India, Switzerland, and Turkey. During his travels, he worked as an American Culture Teacher at TOBB Economic and Technology University in Turkey, and he successfully completed a global corps entrepreneurship program in Karnataka, India, where he helped create a sustainable English curriculum program for underserved students. As the Program Manager at Atento, Jamar manages people-focused programs across Atento Capital, including the internship program and the University Fellows program. During his downtime, Jamar loves to travel, make incense, hike, and support local businesses.

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