Isabella Gaberino

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Isabella hails from Tulsa and recently earned her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. She spent two transformative years living in El Salvador, where she developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and social justice. Her passion for making a positive impact in her community led her back to Tulsa, where she found inspiration in the work being done by Atento. Isabella has gained valuable experience working with nonprofit organizations. During her time in New York City, she collaborated with Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to promoting maternal health equity on a global scale. Isabella's contributions involved supporting the organization's mission and raising awareness about the importance of accessible healthcare for mothers. Isabella also worked with Glasswing International, which supports children in public schools in El Salvador. This experience allowed her to witness firsthand the transformative effects of education and community involvement. Returning to Tulsa with a passion for positive change, Isabella is excited to support Atento’s work in funding the underfunded.

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