Marcos Bazzana

Investment Associate

Originally from Argentina, Marcos received his undergraduate and Master’s degree in Accountancy from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina) in 2011. He began his career with PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) as an Auditor and worked with world-class Argentinian companies. At the same time, Marcos acted as an Ontological Coach, NLP, and financial advisor in the Simja Group consultancy, advising company leaders to achieve their economic and organizational l objectives. From 2014 to 2020, Marcos lived primarily in Israel, studying the vast investment world and the stock market. In 2018, Marcos started a technical investment analysis website where he shared daily information about the stock market. His articles are published on prominent Spanish-speaking pages like Word of mouth, perseverance, and years of constant study allowed him to start a fund management company with well-regarded clients who are educated on the financial market and expand their portfolios thanks to Marcos. Marcos found his passion in market research and generating opportunities for investors. He loves to help others meet their goals and rejoices to see results that make the entire team proud. That passion fuels him to continue working hard, learning, and enriching himself. Now living in Tulsa, he says, “ all factors indicate an opportunity-filled city! Family-friendly, community, workforce, excellent job options with the possibility of growth; Tulsa is a flourishing city that envisions a lot of progress. What better way to venture?”

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