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Investment Program


In March 2021, Atento Capital is hosting a pitch competition and investing up to $250,000 each in student founded companies willing to build in Tulsa, OK. We would love to see your pitch.
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How It Works:

Apply Online

by January 31st, 2021

Create and submit your company through the projects function on Ideate. Applications open on September 1, 2020 and the deadline to submit is 11:59 PM EST January 31, 2021. Click here to visit

Pitch in Tulsa, OK

March 2021

Come to Tulsa to pitch your company and get to know our city of almost 1 million people. Meet collegiate focused VC's from across the country and our local venture capital firms during an exciting weekend with other student entrepreneurs.

Receive an Investment from Atento

April 2021

Atento Capital invests anywhere from $100,000 to $3 million into early stage tech companies while also serving as an LP in other venture capital firms across the U.S. Due to our unique structure, we are able to add outsized support and connections to our portfolio companies.


We are seeking to empower the top student entrepreneurs across the country to maximize their potential through access to capital, mentorship, resources, and a robust national network with us in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We will select 10 student founded companies to pitch in Tulsa in March in front of a panel of local and national VC's. To be eligible, teams must have at least one founding member currently enrolled in an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral program.


All college and university students are welcome to apply. We are accepting undergrads, graduate students, and PHD candidates. Teams may have team members who are not in college, but at least one member must be enrolled in a college or university program.

Ready to Apply? Create and submit your company through the projects function on Ideate.

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Our Team:

Get to know our University Investment Fellows below and reach out if you have an interesting company or any questions about the competition:

Laura Bertran is a Senior at the University of Oklahoma, studying Economics and Finance. Originally from Cuba, Laura hopes to integrate her interests in economic development, research, public policy and socially impactful investments into her career. During her time at Atento Capital, she looks forward to building a pipeline of opportunity for students and to encourage innovation on campus.

Born and raised on Guam, Anne Wen is a junior at Princeton University, studying international affairs and journalism. As the former director of Princeton TigerLaunch, she ran the nation's largest student-run pitch competition and looks forward to chatting with startup founders.

Jacob Dodd is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, studying a joint degree in Business Analytics and Computer Science with a minor in African and African-American Studies. Jacob is both a John B. Ervin and Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar who hopes to combine his passions for problem solving, networking, and computer programming to help student entrepreneurs on his campus.

Dana Iverson is a student at Princeton University in the School of Public and International Affairs with Minors in Entrepreneurship and Urban Studies. She is on a gap-year and works on the Business Development and Public Policy Team at Tesla in D.C. She writes articles and features for All Raise, a non-profit and publication for women in tech and VC. She is passionate about the value and innovation that women and under-represented founders and funders can bring to new tech ecosystems, especially in the Midwest.

Ifechi Ilozor is a junior studying Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Economics at Brown University. With varied experiences from running Brown’s Smart Woman Securities and working at Salesforce as a Software Engineer, she aims to combine her passions for technology, economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship for social change in supporting student ventures on campus and her future endeavors.

McKenna Raley is a sophomore at Duke University studying Economics and Environmental Science & Policy.

Brock Wright is a graduate student at Oklahoma State University from Dallas Texas.. He received his undergraduate degree in Finance with minors in Accounting and Energy Finance. Brock is passionate about pre-seed funding in Venture Capital and aims to use his expertise in intellectual property landscaping to help find premier start-up companies.

Daniel Marques is a sophomore studying Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Oral Roberts University. From São Paulo, Brazil one of the world’s biggest businesses epicenter, Daniel plans to get experience and acquire knowledge to pursue an international career in the Finance realm. Aiming to combine his passions in economics, politics and geography, to be a complete professional in finding promising businesses and investment opportunities.

Brianna Davis  is a juniors honors International Business major, Legal Communications minor attending Howard University, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brianna is passionate about building her community through social entrepreneurship, and is determined to bring people of color and minoritized groups to the forefront of the tech space to unleash the innovative ideas that have been overlooked.

Daniel Stein is a Senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a dual degree in business and psychology. Originally from Ann Arbor, he has always seen a discrepancy in funding for areas like the midwest, relative the coasts. He has found his passion in trying to accelerate funding for innovation in areas like the midwest and hopes to empower student entrepreneurs in the process.

Sophie Zehentner, a senior at the University of Tulsa, is majoring in Marketing with minors in Finance and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Through experiences as a Stanford University Innovation Fellow and 1st Place Winner of i2e’s Love’s Cup, Sophie is eager to help advance TU’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Joshua Howard is a Senior at the University of Arkansas majoring in Entrepreneurship, double minoring in Finance and Economics. Joshua is extremely interested in exploring the intersections of Finance, Social Innovation, and Foriegn/Domestic Policy, and is always up for a great conversation. Joshua was a previous Venture Capital fellow with Bessemer Venture Partners, Ripple Ventures, and Vencapital - and is excited to continue pushing the boundaries in the world of VC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it required that I move my company to Tulsa upon winning?
Yes! Join the Tulsa Remote community and many other individuals and companies that are making the move to Tulsa. We work closely with stakeholders across the city to ensure there is adequate access to talent, cutting edge office facilities, and some of the best cost of living nationwide.

What type of companies are you all looking to invest in?
While we are open to any companies that show high growth potential, our specialty is technology, and more specifically software.

What is the size, structure, and terms of the investment?
We will invest anywhere up to $250,000 in your company via a convertible note. Valuation will take a number of factors into account including traction, our target ownership percentage, and the team's background.

What type of support will the team at Atento Capital provide outside of the capital injection?
Our team at Atento will ensure that you have access to all of the talent, customers, and follow on capital that you need to succeed. We are also a team of operators and will provide hands on mentorship and go to market support as you look to scale your company.

Will expenses be covered for the pitch competition?
Yes! We're great hosts and love to show our city off to the world!

What if my company has already raised capital?
Great! We'd love to meet your lead investors as well. We have no policy against investing in companies that have already raised capital.

Do students have to be U.S. Citizens to apply?
Yes. While we want to support all entrepreneurs on their journey, our fund is currently Tulsa focused and we don't want our founders' ability to move to Tulsa to be contingent on the particular administration's views on access to citizenship.

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