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Our Partners:

We enjoy a flexible project mandate, but screen for ventures with game changing potential for the city of Tulsa. An example of a long term and high impact project would be; addressing the jobs and food desert challenge in North Tulsa. An ideal outcome would involve a partnership with a company that grows and delivers healthy food, which would create employment opportunities and healthier food options for an area that has historically had little access to both. In this scenario, we would conduct a search for the most mission aligned company and look to start a relationship that would be  mutually beneficial for our partner and the city of Tulsa.

Empowering creatives to engage fans | Create, ticket & stream live events | Own their data | Get booked and paid
Walkabout Ventures
Walkabout Ventures is a seed focused venture fund investing in financial service startups. We help founders along their journey.
Make taxes less taxing! With April, tax filing is fast, easy, and frictionless. We do the heavy lifting for you in language you can understand.
Sunny created a menstrual cup that inserts like a tampon, ending the fuss of inserting a menstrual cup while working to end period poverty through our global giveback program.
Bootup helps people improve their lives through careers in tech.
One of the nation's leading risk-based health care companies focused on providing integrated care for seniors where they are best served: in the home.
Leadout Capital
Leadout Capital is an early stage venture capital fund with a focus on backing “non-obvious”, resilient founders working on solving problems in overlooked and underserved markets
19 Days
A problem-obsessed venture studio.
The virtual women’s health clinic.
Remble is a mental health startup whose vision is to build a truly personalized mental health & well-being platform by leveraging mobile and AI technology. There is a global mental health crisis–more than 1 billion people around the world struggle with mental health, and we are driven to provide instant, on-demand, accessible and personalized resources to help them.
Making Visa Applications Fast, Simple and Affordable.
Helping a BILLION people build the right soft skills to excel in an always-on, unstructured and ambiguous digital era.
Access Optics
Experts in precision micro optics, surgical imaging and endoscopic devices for global use + advancement of technology.
Oyster® is the HR platform for globally-distributed companies.
PatchRx is a healthcare-technology company that helps patients take the right medication at the right time, and works with pharmacies to track daily adherence and identify trends in patience behavior.
Biospring Partners is a growth-stage firm that invests in Life Sciences Technology. Biospring leverages its deep experience in life sciences and technology to support B2B services, tools, and enterprise software companies that are driving innovation across the life sciences industry.
Closed Loop
Closed Loop Partners is a New York based investment firm that provides equity and project finance to scale products, services and infrastructure at the forefront of the development of the circular economy.
Payfactory empowers leading platforms with immediate onboarding, payment acceptance and payouts through a suite of restful APIs. Payfactory shares revenue with platforms and offers competitive rates for the businesses you serve with $0 monthly-fee options.
With the Agriculture 4.0 Revolution, the future of farming is now.
Inbox Health
From start to finish, Inbox Health's data-driven platform automates and personalizes the entire patient billing communication process.
For over a decade, we've been partnering with founders to give them quick, straightforward exits that protect their team and culture and keep their businesses operating for the longterm.
SteelSky Ventures is a venture fund investing in innovative women’s health companies.
Healthy Ventures
We invest in infrastructural solutions that enable technologies to scale healthcare. These are often enterprise- and developer-facing products.
InTulsa is connecting innovative companies and diverse talent with the mission to help grow Tulsa into a vibrant & inclusive community.
Atento Fellows
Learn More
The Atento Fellows program gives college students hands-on venture capital experience from sourcing deals and conducting diligence reviews, to connecting inspiring founders with capital through the University Pitch Competition.
Cariina is the school management platform that lets K-12 schools run their operations more efficiently through an integrated suite of tools.
In just 8 weeks, you'll land a sales job at a world-class tech company while working remotely from Tulsa.
Perflo helps project teams to be more aligned by automating feedback loops and providing team leads with the insights they need to run high-performing teams.
MaC Ventures
Is a seed-stage venture firm focused on investing in technology companies that create infectious products that benefit from shifts in cultural trends and behaviors in an increasingly diverse global marketplace.
Lightship Capital
Lightship Capital drives innovation and investment in the Midwest. They leverage corporate partnerships, executives in residence, and organizations from the region to build sustainable local ecosystems full of high growth companies led by women, people of color, and other underestimated founders.
Juno Medical
Juno Medical is convenient and affordable healthcare for the whole family. Juno Medical provides a one stop healthcare solution for families with exceptional hospitality, modern technology, and transparent pricing.
Foundry College
Foundry College is a new type of online college whose students build future-ready skills and knowledge with the first professional soft skills education that includes a job credential, to align with the jobs of today and tomorrow.
Tulsa Service Year
Join a team of recent college graduates for a year of high impact work in a city driven by innovation from a community of learners and doers like you.
Sway Medical
Better care with less effort. Validated system with objective mobile data for improving medical outcomes.
Boddle Learning
The learning platform on a mission to engage 1-6th grade students for lifelong learning by gamifying practice & assessments.
Summer Tulsa
Created for incoming college juniors and seniors to connect with and learn from local entrepreneurs and business and community leaders who are putting Tulsa on the map for culture and innovation. It’ll look great on your resume too.
Tulsa Responds
Get hands-on assistance securing COVID-19 relief funds for your small business or non-profit.
Clean Cult
Cleancult makes green cleaners that actually clean, with ingredients you can actually understand, with packaging that's actually landfill free.
The future of compliant texting.
TeleVet is on a mission to elevate the relationship between veterinary clinics and their clients through seamless communication across familiar channels such as texts, emails, and video calls.
Global leader in the autonomous multi-mission drone industry. Percepto provides an unmanned, next-generation, AI security solution for industrial applications.
Forum Ventures
The SaaS Accelerator backed by leading operators. Provides funding, mentorship, key intros & so much more. Formerly known as Acceleprise.
Core Innovation Capital
We invest in companies that deliver more efficient, well-designed financial products that save people time and money, create upward mobility, and scale broadly – driving both profit margins and consumer value.
Hanaco Ventures
Hanaco Ventures is a New York and Tel Aviv based venture capital fund that invests in the most promising emerging start ups from the Israeli ecosystem.
Bonfire Ventures
We invest with and support the talented founders who are building software solutions that redefine how business gets done.
Mercury Fund
Mercury is an early-stage venture capital fund focusing on entrepreneurs and technology innovation originating in the U.S. Midcontinent.
BBG Ventures
BBG Ventures is an early stage fund focused on consumer tech startups with a female founder.
36 Degrees North
36 Degrees North is the central gathering point for Tulsa's startup founders, small business owners, remote workers and innovative community leaders.
Tulsa Innovation Labs
Tulsa Innovation Labs is dedicated to transforming Tulsa into the nation’s most inclusive tech community. Through public-private partnerships and economic development programs, we aim to position the city as a tech hub and a leader in the future of work.
Tulsa Remote
Tulsa Remote offers a financial incentive, soft landing, as well as a thoughtful community focused approach to attracting talented remote workers to Tulsa.
Peoria Mohawk
Peoria Mohawk is a 100 acre plus business park with a strong package of incentives aiming to attract manufacturing jobs to North Tulsa. With the first project already broken ground, and a second one looking to come in right behind it, we are actively looking to have conversations with potential manufacturers that see community development as a key consideration of how they determine expansion plans.
Team 8 in Tulsa
News Story
Team8, a top cyber-security incubator out of Israel, and The University of Tulsa, which boasts one of the top cyber-security programs in the world, are collaborating to expand the University's cyber-security PHD program with the intention of commercializing IP and building local cyber-related companies here in Tulsa.
Holberton School
Holberton offers a fully aligned software development program to grow the base of Tulsa's technical talent pool; with no upfront cost to the student and a monthly living stipend to help make it affordable.

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