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Philosophy & Mission

Our Philosophy:

Our name, Atento, comes from the Spanish word meaning helpful, attentive, thoughtful, courteous, and polite. These are the adjectives we aspire to be and the foundation of how we do business.

Our Objectives:

Our focus: generating excellent risk-adjusted returns and making a lasting economic impact through the stimulation of entrepreneurial activity in our community.

Be Helpful

Our top priority, in all things we do, in all interactions we have, in how we live our lives, is to be helpful.  We truly want to be as helpful as we can be to those around us, simply because we believe that being helpful is just a great way to be.  We recommend it!

Create Quality Jobs in Tulsa

Job creation is as important to us as returns, and how we spend our time reflects this.  Our investment decisions are not driven by the potential of local job creation, however, if we can achieve both within the same opportunity, that is of course ideal.

Generate Returns

While we are mission driven, we are also return focused and do not compromise returns in the name of the mission.  We believe deeply in being intentional with our investments and focusing on specific sectors, stages, and theses.  We set our mandates in partnership with our LP, and look to deliver against them in each and every investment.

Why Tulsa:

We’re based out of Tulsa. It’s the perfect next home for your startup, business expansion, or family. We’d love to tell you why.

Better Value Per Dollar Invested

With staggering cost of living and crowded investment opportunities on the coasts, we simply feel there is better value from an ROI perspective in Tulsa.

Lower Cost of Business

Big City Amenities

Depending on how you look at it, Tulsa is the biggest small town or smallest city in the country.  With a million people in the metro, the breadth of the skyline may surprise you.


Our Investments