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Senior Associate and Operator in Residence (OIR) @ Atento Capital

Position Details

Who are you?

Atento Capital is seeking a senior associate for our Search Fund OIR program and you just might be the person for the job. You will be tasked with heading the search for companies that fit within Atento’s requirements with the intention to structure an acquisition and relocate them to Tulsa where you will go on to operate and grow them. As an OIR, you are critical to the execution of Atento Capital’s mission of generating above market risk-adjusted returns while driving inclusive economic growth in the city of Tulsa. You are someone who is committed to the Atento philosophy and is eager to communicate our value proposition to all stakeholders. Atento’s Search Fund OIR program is for those who have the motivation, skills, and desire to run a business. Early-in-career managers and entrepreneurs with an interest in entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) are perfect for this role – if that’s you, we’d love to meet!

We are excited for you to use your amazing interpersonal skills to manage relationships both internally and externally. We expect you to represent our values both on and off the court (even when the court is virtual). At Atento, we strive to have the greatest positive impact with the capital we allocate. You are both supportive in the implementation of this vision and additive to the ideation process. You are a creative self-starter and have impressive critical thinking skills. And it goes without saying, you are a team player with a tremendous work ethic.

You have a balance of quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, with soft skills being of the utmost importance. You have the mindset that no task is too large or too small and are flexible to succeed in a fast-paced environment with a mix of structure and ambiguity.‍ Working at Atento involves getting comfortable with the unknown and asking tons of questions - a hyper and vivid intellectual curiosity is key! You love to dive into areas that you may not have expertise in because at your core, learning and growing is the ultimate sign of success.

What will you do?

Our ideal candidate is a talented, early-in-career manager who will source opportunities in industries of interest with the intent to structure an acquisition. Once acquired, you will have the autonomy to pass the opportunity on to other CEOs, or if excited enough about the opportunity, you may build out your own executive team, set goals aligned with the Atento mission and execute your strategic vision with backing from the firm and its network of advisors. As an OIR, you will have to develop industry theses, generate leads and evaluate investment opportunities – with hard work comes great reward! You will also get to work closely with other future CEOs while taking advantage of the firm's best practices and wide network of experienced professionals and advisors. This program is part of Atento’s key strategic initiative to drive economic growth in the city of Tulsa. As such it has been designed to be a supportive environment with access to the firm’s resources to ensure that entrepreneurs execute their visions within the broader goal of growing the Tulsa economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • You will research and develop industry theses
  • You will dig into growth trends in the market
  • You will perform business model and competitive analyses
  • You will prepare financial models to help evaluate opportunities
  • You will prepare investment memos and presentations for the investment committee


  • You will search for and identify game changing opportunities which you intend to operate in an executive role - and if not, prepare them for other CEOs
  • You will structure and execute acquisitions of attractive opportunities
  • You will network with relevant stakeholders, owners of SMBs who wish to sell and experienced professionals in the Tulsa ecosystem
  • You will help future CEOs recruit top notch talent to their teams
  • You will make thoughtful introductions on behalf of our CEOs to potential investors, customers, and advisors
  • You will communicate the unique value proposition and mission of Atento Capital
  • You will collaborate with important and impactful stakeholders within the local Tulsa ecosystem

Our Ideal Atentan:

  • You have a strong interest in search funds and entrepreneurship through acquisition
  • You are a recent MBA graduate with relevant experience, for example, in general management, management consulting or private equity
  • You are proficient with analytics skills (Excel modeling)
  • You have strong leadership, time-management and organizational skills
  • You can juggle multiple projects and tasks with efficiency and a good attitude
  • You have high growth potential with a willingness to learn and evolve in your role
  • You have a passion for entrepreneurship and operations management

Atento COVID-19 Policy:

Atento requires all employees entering all Atento offices, traveling on behalf of Atento or participating in any in-person interaction on behalf of Atento to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This vaccine requirement is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act exceptions.

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