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Entrepreneur in Residence @ Atento Capital

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Who We Are:

Atento Capital is a Tulsa-based investment firm focused on returns, quality job creation, and being helpful. We are an investment firm dedicated to a two-pronged mission: generating excellent risk-adjusted returns and making a lasting economic impact through the stimulation of entrepreneurial activity in the Tulsa community. We are a small team that is incredibly passionate about what we do and the community we call home. At Atento Capital, we wear two different hats. On one hand, we are an early stage investor with a geographic focus in Tulsa, looking to make investments in hard working entrepreneurs and help them build their business here in town. At the same time, we are a venture fund-of-funds (close partner) seeking to invest in a carefully chosen group of fund managers each year. Our portfolio is constructed to provide exposure to the most exciting venture opportunities in New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and other high profile markets, funds with sector-specific or geographic expertise, and funds that invest in traditionally underserved corners of the venture market. We are striving to transform Tulsa by focusing on economic development through job creation. By leveraging our relationships with venture capital funds and their portfolio companies, we are uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses in Tulsa. As start-ups grow, we encourage them to consider expanding in Tulsa to take advantage of lower costs and higher standards of living. This allows firms to operate more efficiently while bringing dynamic, high-paying jobs to our community. We are a firm with a single LP, the George Kaiser Family Foundation. This relationship allows us to draw on a deep network of fund managers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and thought leaders who share a similar mission of cultivating a more vibrant and inclusive Tulsa. As such, we are at the center of a coordinated effort to recruit jobs, talent, and new economic opportunities right here at home. We live by the philosophy “doing well by doing good”, and seek to maximize our impact without sacrificing returns. By applying the highest industry standards of rigor to the research, diligence, and investment process, we are able to create tremendous value for our investment partner that will be reinvested in the community through initiatives that are at the heart of our collective mission.

Role Description: Entrepreneur in Residence

Program Structure & Plan

The Entrepreneur in Residence Program at Atento Capital is a 12 - 18 month program that equips entrepreneurs with the mentorship, network, office space, and access to investment capital needed to successfully launch an early stage technology company. Atento Capital is a Tulsa-based venture capital fund that is focused on driving strong returns and creating quality jobs in Tulsa. As a result, entrepreneurs must be Tulsa-based or willing to move to Tulsa to build their companies.

Candidates will spend a minimum of 8 sessions working with the Atento Capital Director of Entrepreneurial Development to refine their ideas before submission. Once accepted into the program, candidates will receive an investment from Atento Capital, office space to launch their business from, and access to some of the most talented entrepreneurs and investors in the region.

Candidates will be responsible for submitting the following information:

Candidate Profile

Diversity and Inclusion is a focus of this program, but we are open to any and all entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to bring their ideas to the world. Timing is key, and it will be important to articulate why now is the time for you to pursue this idea.

As a candidate for the Entrepreneur in Residence Program, you are someone who is going to start this business with or without the support of the Atento Team. You will be expected to have an intimate level of knowledge in the sector you are attacking and will be expected to devote your full time to the business. You must be willing to take feedback and should be driven by a feeling that it is your life’s mission to bring your idea to the world.

Financial Terms

Each company will receive a standard $1.5 million valuation as every company is pre revenue and most are pre product. Investment sizes will range from anywhere between $100,000 and $250,000 to give founders 12 to 18 months of runway for their businesses. 

We strongly encourage you to be as intentional as possible when evaluating how much capital you raise, as the goal is to increase the value of your company while minimizing your dilution. Each investment will be made via a SAFE note and Atento Capital will have the right to take a board seat, sign off on use of funds, and approve or veto follow-on fundraising.

If you are interested, please reach out to Chandler Malone at to learn more.

Atento COVID-19 Policy:

Atento requires all employees entering all Atento offices, traveling on behalf of Atento or participating in any in-person interaction on behalf of Atento to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This vaccine requirement is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act exceptions.

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