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Chief of Staff @ Atento Capital

Position Details

In this role you are:

You are the primary decision maker the business processes related to and on behalf of Atento Capital. Our  standard operating procedures, and operational structure are determined by your vision building and goal setting. You are the Managing Partner’s right hand and act on behalf of Atento that is in every way aligned to our core values, strategic direction, and commitments to Tulsa and further enables us to grow and make an impact on Tulsa’s venture capital economy. You lead with efficiency and efficacy to make team-wide decisions that continue to advance our company’s progress. You have ability to lead, design, and evaluate cross-functional vision and strategy. You will track and report on progress and have the mental agility to adjust to our ever-changing landscape as you understand the stakes and are the operational leader to help us reach those goals. You can evaluate with a keen eye towards detail, efficiency, and compliance while pushing for equity and visibility in everything we do.

As the Chief of Staff :

  • You’re the leader of the Atentanagement team and trusted advisor to the Managing Partner; you  directly support and hold them accountable for their setting of annual strategic vision as well as shorter term goals and priorities.
  • You work closely with the Managing Partner to implement Atento’s strategic vision and are responsible for ensuring our resources are being leveraged effectively against these priorities.
  • You’re a leader in our team meetings, setting the vision for company retreats as well as the operation team’s step backs and bringing our staff to meet ambitious goals in addition to being the company representative in strategic meetings with partners sometimes requiring travel.
  • You have insight into the progress to goal across our main functional areas but primarily in the operational sector and flag trends, risks, challenges, and successes such that we can change course or address needs as they come up
  • You run our timely day-to-day business administration with an eye towards annual goals aligned with our company vision including our business licenses, tax and insurance liabilities, operating contracts and agreements, office/housing ownership and leasing, and expense planning
  • You will lead, develop, and empower the sub-team responsible for the company-wide systems including but not limited to the macro founder experience, employee continuum, visitor coordination, business administration, accounting, and compliance who will report to you their findings and determinations on platform and program usage as they relate to our business and human resources needs; you manage our spending on operations and systems and are the decision maker on which systems we subscribe to and their benefits to us
  • You drive and develop the internal systems and the team that ultimately allows for Atento and it’s staff to operate at top capacity and efficiency and do our best work for Tulsa
  • You will oversee the processes and decisions regarding both the organizations operations and incubation


  • You have 8+ years experience and results in managing high performing teams towards ambitious goals in a fast paced environment
  • You ideally have experience working in venture capital or have a working understanding of VC of VC investing and are able to dive into a specific deal and drive an investment or post investment work on behalf of the managing partner
  • You have a BA ideally in business, MBA preferred
  • You have experience managing teams in a multi-level organization
  • You are a cultural leader and standard bearer clearly operating with our core values involved in all your decisions while managing multiple projects at any given time
  • You demonstrate good judgement without needing oversight and you’re an excellent communicator with a knack for adjusting to your audience all with quick responses that remain kind and productive
  • You share the dedication to our core values while being based in and committed to Tulsa
  • You feel and operate with a high level of personal responsibility for the work we do and what it takes to do it and are comfortable in a fast paced environment
  • You can manage up and hold all parties accountable to deadlines and mission alignment
  • You can facilitate change management by analyzing data and experience and present in a meaningful manner that enables strong decision making
  • You’re a systems thinker and an expert in business and people management who can not only build but identify gaps and find solutions
  • You set ambitious goals and can lead a team diverse in thought and work to the steps to reach them
  • You’re tech savvy and can identify where systems do/don’t serve us and operationalize those systems to our benefit

Atento COVID-19 Policy: Atento requires all employees entering all Atento offices, traveling on behalf of Atento or participating in any in-person interaction on behalf of Atento to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This vaccine requirement is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act exceptions.

Who we are:

Atento is more than just our name. It is who we are. Atento is the Spanish word for Helpful, and that is what we strive to be every day, living by the philosophy of “doing well by doing good.” We are a small team of Atentans incredibly passionate about what we do in our local community—a community we believe is a hidden gem and destination for entrepreneurs, the tech community, and top talent.

As a venture capital organization, our Investments and Operations teams work closely together to drive growth and returns across the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. Specifically, our investment focus lies on venture funds, non-local and local direct startups, and economic development programming—all with a strong lens towards diversity. We seek to maximize our impact on others while simultaneously creating tremendous value for our investment partners, founders, and community. Using our community connections, deep commitment to entrepreneurship, and vision to scale technology in Tulsa, we invest in hardworking entrepreneurs and personally help them build their companies here.

If you are excited about working in a fast-paced, startup-esque environment where you will learn oodles about venture capital while driving revolutionary entrepreneurial development in a burgeoning tech hub, we want to meet you.

What we offer:

●     Competitive compensation, based on fitting experience annual salary of $120-180,000+ base bonus

●     Medical, dental, and vision benefits

●     Atento offers a 401(k) plan and student loan repayment for qualifying terms

●     We have unlimited PTO, paid sick time, and paid leave.

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