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Grow in Tulsa:
Where you’re always first in line.

How we help you scale your business:

Using our community connections, deep commitment to entrepreneurship, and vision to scale technology in Tulsa we plan on giving you an advantage in moving fast and scaling quickly. Our offering is intended to accelerate your timetable and drive tangible results.
Let's talk:

Things We Do:


Up to 2 hires at no cost

Our expert in-house recruitment team identifies the right talent to build your business in Tulsa. We'll coordinate sourcing, screening and pitching Tulsa. After first 2 free, $10,000 per hire, an easy flat rate regardless of candidate salary

Visa Support

Move your top talent to the States

Supplement legal fees up to $10K and help navigate visa sponsorship utilizing experienced legal support in lieu of our relocation assistance to ensure you can land softly in Tulsa

Access to Funds

3 Introductions to investors

We know all the decision makers in town. We'll get you in the room and help you navigate the funding process. We will facilitate introductions to the right investors for your stage and sector, offering context on what you need to do to be successful


A clear playbook to relocate top talent

Sometimes the talent you need isn't in Tulsa. We are committed to getting you the talent here. We offer concierge services for relocation with $2,000 individual / $5,000 for family matching dollars to ease the way


Facilitate conversations with target customers

Our network is strong. We will get you in front of the key decision makers who can drive your business


Free office space for three months

You can show up Monday and start working. We have co-working space available to get your team started and dedicated office spaces designed to support your growth plans

Why Tulsa:

You may have not considered a move to Tulsa, but plenty of startups and key talent have. As one of the top surge cities of 2020, Tulsa is developing into the Midwest destination for entrepreneurs, the tech community, and top talent. Centrally located, the city is accessible to all parts of the country and a hidden gem in the Heartland.

Strong Value for Talent

Talent pipeline
Great quality of life
Strong work ethic

Growth Attitude

Less roadblocks
One call away from key resources
Intentional investment in the future

Collaborative Ecosystem

Startup neighborhoods and incubators
City-wide plan to grow and scale technology opportunities
'Give-first' mindset with a genuine desire to help startups succeed

Want to learn more?

Contact us to get started - finding talent, getting introductions, opening office space, and learn more about the unique advantages of doing business in Tulsa.
WhatsApp: +1 (908) 616-9776