Atento Capital is launching 412 Angels, an angel network for investors in Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas.


412 Angels is a first-of-its kind partnership offering our corridor's founders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives opportunities to learn and invest together. As a homage to Route 412, the road that connects our two neighboring regions, 412 Angels provides an opportunity to bridge our communities and advance our corridor together.

Our Mission

To educate and encourage more members of our corridor to participate in early-stage investing. A strong venture community investing in local entrepreneurs directly drives startup ecosystems, unites the corridor, and encourages tech entrepreneurship.


412 Angels will support a collaborative network of dedicated thinkers and leaders across our corridors through a series of educational sessions and direct learning opportunities from top investors, improving members with knowledge of start-up investing as an asset class. Program participants will access high-quality deals by leveraging Atento Capital's due diligence.

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